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1:1 coaching

Who It’s For

This is for you if you are new to weight training, you are working through a transitional period (pregnancy, early postpartum, returning after a hiatus) and/or you have a specific goal in mind.

Am I the coach for you?

I believe that everyone can lift weights, we shouldn’t feel guilt around our food choices, and life is seasonal. I do not promote quick fixes, cleanses or diets, or comparing one person’s journey to another’s. Learn how to achieve your goals while still having time for your family & your life!

Group coaching

Who It’s For

You want to finally stay on track with your fitness & nutrition, and you love the idea of doing it with friends!

What to expect

Learn all of Nicole’s methods for sustainable fitness & simple nutrition, and the community to go with it. Guaranteed to increase your strength and improve your body composition!

Fitness Programs

Home with trainer mommy

A 12-week dumbbell and band home workout program, perfect for the beginner to weight training or if you haven’t lifted weights in a while!

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prenatal fitness program


postpartum rebuild








Support Groups

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Happy Clients

I’m eternally grateful to her for giving me strong foundations to use in the gym and I will definitely be returning to her program if I am lucky enough to have another baby.” -Megan D.

The mindset you helped me create and the support you provided is something I am so thankful for. Getting back into working out postpartum is humbling — some weeks your plan doesn’t go as planned, you struggle with a move that was once one that came so easy to you…having a fellow mom as your trainer and support system makes a world of difference. -Shawn R.

I think my core is in better condition than it’s ever been and I am able to actually activate it and understand what that means for the first time! My form for squats and other movements is much better. My endurance is also on par with average in the gym as well which was a scarier idea for me than getting back to lifting since it took me so long to build it up pre pregnancy when I joined the gym. I feel like I am more aware of my body and no longer lift with ego, just focused on me and what I can do! -Annie P.

I felt supported and guided without judgement throughout my experience” –Aspen M.

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